Learn all about the Activa Naturals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Here:


Question#1: I’ve been taking this product for 2 days and it’s still not working. What do I do?

Answer: Please keep in mind that all of Activa Naturals supplements are designed to provide nutrients only and are not designed to cure or treat any health issue. Our philosophy is that provide the right nutrition to your body so that your body can do its work the right way. Your body knows the best. We also believe that everybody should take healthy meals such as veggies and fruits along with sufficient daily water intake. If you are leading a non-active life, please do ensure you start with daily exercises while taking our supplements. Our motto is to Live Life Naturally with Activa Naturals and we are all about helping you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Please keep in mind that everyone’s body will react differently to vitamins. Also talk to a health care practitioner while starting any supplementation program.

Question#2: Do I still have to visit my doctor even if I’m taking the supplement?

Answer: Yes, there is no substitute for a trip to the doc’s office. Visiting your doctor is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Question#3: If I take the supplement, can I stop taking my medication?

Answer: We recommend talking to your health care professional in regards to this topic. They can guide you properly after checking your health history. Our role is limited to providing a high quality all natural vitamins and supplements.

Question#4: What kind of side-effects a supplement can cause?

Answer: Since everyone is unique and your body may react differently than the other people. You should always consult with a health care professional before taking any type of the supplementation program.

Question#5: How quickly can I see results after taking my supplements?

Answer: As mentioned in the above answer to question#1, none of the Activa Naturals supplements are designed to cure or treat any type of health challenges.  The sole purpose of any Activa Naturals supplement is to provide the right nutrition so that the body can function properly.

Question#6: If I take higher dosage of supplements, will it work faster?

Answer: We recommend reading the label for daily dosage and following it. If you want to change the dosage, you should consult with your doctor as your doctor can determine the best dosage based on other medications you are taking.

Question#7: Is my supplement natural?

Answer: Activa Naturals take pride in providing a high quality natural and specialty Vitamins & Supplements. Our policy is to list all the ingredients on a label clearly.

Question#8: Can I take a supplement if I’m already on some other medication?

Answer: You should always consult with a health care provider as they can recommend the best combinations for you based on the full understanding of your health issues and other medications you are taking.

Question#9: Is taking a supplement enough to provide right nutrients to body?

Answer: There is no substitute to a good diet. Your first goal should be to lead a healthy lifestyle which means you should add lots of veggies and fruits along with daily exercises to your routine. You should also consult with your doctor before taking any supplement or stopping any other medications. 

Question#10: Why should I choose natural supplements?

Answer: Natural supplements are made from natural ingredients such as foods, herbs, minerals etc. Natural supplements work better when you work with your overall lifestyle as we strongly recommend you to follow a healthy lifestyle. Normally it is a personal choice for everyone as some people prefer natural products over the synthetic or chemical ones.