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1. Furious Fitwear Door Gym FAQs

Question#1: What size of doorway will the door gym fit on?

Answer: The Door Gym was created to fit perfectly on all standard door frames of 24” to 32” wide. The door must have secure trim to support a person’s weight. 

Question#2: Will this damage my door frame?

Answer: There is safety padding secured to all pieces of the Door Gym that will come in contact with the door frame. This protects against all regular pull-up use. The safety clip that keeps the door gym from falling off when there isn’t any weight on it slides between the door frame and trim. There may be a small mark from the safety clip, however, it is above the top of the door frame and not visible. 

Question#3: How much weight iron door gym can support?

Answer: The Door Gym is created with an extremely sturdy design that may safely hold up to 300 lbs. The door frame itself may not hold that much, and it is advised that you do not exceed 225 lbs. on a door frame unless it has been constructed specifically to hold more weight. 

Question#4: Do I need tools to install Door Gym?

Answer: No tools are necessary to assemble or install. The Door Gym secures easily together in less than 5 minutes with 4 bolts and nuts. There is an included wrench that fits the nuts perfectly and can easily be tightened by hand. 


Question: What is your refund policy?

Answer: All Furious Fitwear products have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. We will continue to work with you until you are satisfied with your purchase. If you are not happy despite our best effort, you can ask for a full refund within 60 days of your purchase. Your satisfaction is always our priority number one!